Paragraph Village Market Washerman Ideal teacher 

Paragraph Village Market Washerman Ideal teacher and Health is wealth Importance of Newspaper, Morning Walk and The Season you like Most all Essay or Paragraph under 100 to 200 words.


The place where things are brought and sold is called a market. The village market is very important for villagers. It is not permanent. It is held twice or thrice a week.

It fulfils the needs of several adjoining villages. It is held in an open place where hundreds of people gather to buy and sell their articles.

The day is a busy day for the villagers on the market day there is a great activity in the villages. Small traders and businessmen come too. The market with their articles. The villagers also bring their products for sale.

As there is not any permanent stall for the vendors. Most of them sit on the ground with their things of sale. There are rows for different articles. Articles of daily necessities are only sold there.

Foodgrains, vegetables, seeds, clothe agriculture implements utensils and many other things of their needs are sold there. It is a meeting place for many villagers, women also participate in it.

It is a boon for villagers. They sell their homemade products there. They do not go to the nearby towns or cities for these things of their needs. Fish and meat markets have their special attraction.


The washerman is a useful member of our society as he washes our clothes. He works hard from dawn to dusk but he does not earn much.

He collects dirty clothes from different houses. He boils them in a solution of water and soda for some time. Then he takes them to a river or tank and washes them.

He spreads them in the sun for drying. Then he irons the washed clothes and returns them to their owners. Despite his hard labour, he does not earn a lot of money So, his condition is miserable. He has need little money to maintain his family.


Mr Munilal Sinha is an ideal teacher. He is our class teacher also. He has all the qualities of an ideal teacher. He is very punctual and a strict disciplinarian.

He teaches English and Hindi and prepares students for the examination. As soon as he comes to our class, he goes around the classroom to see it is clean.

Then he takes roll-call. Then he starts teaching and explaining the lessons well. Outside the classroom, he is very kind and generous.

He is always well dressed and never allows any student without a uniform. He is respected by teachers, students and guardians because of his ideal qualities.


I live at Rampur (Nalanda). It is a big village. Mr Akhileshwar Mahto is my neighbour. He lives just beside my house. He is a teacher.

He is an M. A. in Sociology He is very grave and gentle. Once my father was seriously ill. He daily comes to my house. He helped us with money also.

He is a good friend, philosopher and guide to us. He has got two sons and a daughter. They are all well behaved. His wife is very noble and gentle. We call her auntie. He is an ideal neighbour.


Health is wealth is an old saying. A healthy person can produce all wealth for himself and others. Not only this but he can also enjoy wealth and produce more.

Suppose a man has a first-class master’s degree, but he has no health. He catches a cold. He catches flu. He has T. B. and other such diseases.

How can he produce wealth and enjoy it?

Health depends on correct living, pure water and fresh air. It also depends on good food, necessary rest and equally necessary physical work or exercise.

If a man cares for all these and has limited desires, he can maintain good health. Then he can produce more wealth and he can enjoy it.


Walking is a good exercise. Everyone can practise it without any trouble. It brings energy. We can walk both the time’s Morning and evening. Morning walk is the better of the evening.

An evening walk is also very useful. It is a very good habit. habit. For this, everyone has to get up very early in the morning.

He can soon start for the bank of a river, a canal or a pond. He may go to a park in a town. There he gets fresh air. He sees the sunrise. They are very useful to health. His mind gets fresh.

He can work very peacefully all day long. Walking costs is nothing. We may walk with our friends and relatives. Our talks should be healthy then. Evening walk also brings sound sleep in the night.

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Spring is the best season of the year. It is called the queen of the season. The earth looks very beautiful in this season. Different kinds of flowers bloom in the spring.

The smiling flowers give us a lot of joy. They make us forget our cares and anxieties. When we walk in the garden we are filled with joy The cuckoo is mad with joy.

Its sweet notes charm us. The days of the spring are very pleasant. The spring brings beautiful sights and charming sounds. It is the season of joy That is why I like most spring season.


Newspapers are necessary for people. A newspaper is a must. It plays an important role in society. It is useful in many ways. It brings us news. People wait for it eagerly in the morning.

It is a kind of mental food. Some people read a newspaper for its views. There is a comment on current topics in a newspaper.

There are articles written by learned persons. Somebody reads a newspaper for advertisement for jobs. There are literary articles. A newspaper covers sports, business, politics etc. It enlightens the public.

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