Paragraph on Railway station Your Hobby Picnic Ganga

Write Paragraph on Railway station Your Hobby Picnic Ganga and Traveling is a Means of Education. Here all paragraphs that provided you are under 200 words.


A picnic is a pleasant affair. Some young boys meet. They buy raw food- staff. Everything for lighter feasting is carried to a selected spot. This spot is a riverbank, forest area or hilly top.

The selected members or boys go to the selected spot. They begin to prepare food. They eat it. Then they start to sing a song, play musical instruments and dance.

A variety of entertainment is the special feature of a picnic. It removes the Dulles and monotony of life. It also brings people closer than before.

It develops a cooperative view. It develops the idea that self-help is the best help. It increases the power of tolerance and regard for each other. It gives new energy and zeal.


Every man has got a hobby. My hobby is reading religious books. There are several religious books. Of all these books I like the Ramayan, the Gita, the Mahabharat and the Story.

All of them are full of lessons. They teach us to be good. They are full of Science, Arts, Philosophy and what not. I have learnt much from them and quoted their lines from time to time to bring about some changes in men.

I always attend some religious meetings and listen to the lectures or speeches of great scholars. I put up before them some try to get satisfied with their explanations.

I have got full doubts if any and faith in God who has created us and he alone gives us everything for our comforts. I love all who have been created by God. God loves all equally. I go to religious places.

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A railway station is very important for shipment. It is a cheap and useful means of transportation. The railway station in my town is small.

But most of the trains of this root stop at this station. At the time of arrival of a train, there is a big rush. I always go to the station and see the big crowd. There are hawkers on the platform who sell fruits, tea and other commodities.

There are also some coolies for helping the passengers in carrying their luggage. I see there is a long queue at the booking counter for tickets. My house is near the station. So I feel some disturbance. There is always a hue and cry from the morning till late at night.


The Ganga is the most sacred river in the world. Its water is pure. There are many important cities on its banks. The Ganga rises from the Himalayas and flows to the south.

The Ganga is about 2,410 kilometres long. Its end is in the bay of Bengal. Its banks are always full of people in the morning and evening where people are bathing, praying and giving charity to the needy persons.

We believe that after taking a bath in its holy water our sins will perish. Hindus wish to die at its banks. The land on both sides of the rivers is fertile. The Ganga is full of water all the year.

So it is very helpful in our agriculture also. Bathing in the Ganga is good for health also. On religious occasions, people come to take bath in the holy water. It is so sacred that people call it goddess mother.


Education through travelling is the best play-way method. From the moment the journey is planned, children begin to pass sleepless nights.

They go on asking their parents when to start. We see new places-historical, geographical. zoological and botanical. A geography lesson may be boring.

But it becomes clear to us when we see rivers, mountains etc. With our own eyes. Museums, zoological gardens, monuments, coins and picture galleries give us a clear idea, of history.

We learn manners and behaviour in trains, in hotels and from fellow passengers through travelling. We learn many things through travelling what we cannot learn in the classroom so, travelling is a means of education.

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