Paragraph Writing on Early Rising postman television


EARLY RISING, There are many advantages of early rising. A man who rises early has more hours for a walk. So, he can produce more, earn more and live more happily. A man who gets up late hates himself. He is hated by others, too. Rise early and you are the master of your programme.

Get up late and you are late for everything. You are late to Nature’s call, late in bath, late in breakfast and late for your lessons. So, you are a loser. We must try to go to bed early and try to get up early. Early rising is a very nice thing.

Paragraph on THE BEGGAR

THE BEGGAR, Beggars can be seen at every public place railway station, bus stand, picture homes, market place and footpath. He is a very poor person. His dress is dirty and torn. Some are blind, some are lame, India.

They are found at some cannot even stand but have to crawl on their hands and feet. He has a bag with him. He has a bowl too. Some have stuck with them. The beggar begs alms. Some sing pleasant songs.

Beggar’s life depends upon charity. Begging is a crime. They should not be encouraged. In our country, there is a gang of unsocial elements. They force little children to beg. They exploit these children. There is no one to take care of beggars. Paragraph Writing.


A VISIT TO A CIRCUS, It was a happy day. We went to see the Great Circus. Outside the great top, people were busy buying tickets and getting in. Inside, the gallery was full. The show started.

Artists in colourful dresses showed great feats. Brave acts in air, bold tricks on tight ropes, and the joker all these were amusing. Then came animals. Goats on the lion’s back, dogs on horses and the big elephant worshipping Lord Ganesh, how well the animals were trained.

Then came the girls doing wonder on bicycles. The man with eyes covered threw knives at a girl. The jeep and motorcycles were exciting. Three hours passed quickly. It was a time full of surprise and joy. How bold and disciplined are the circus men!


THE POSTMAN, The postman is an important employee of the postal department. He is one of the most useful public servants. He wears a khaki uniform. He carries a bag with him. He carries letters, money orders and parcels in it.

He brings news and money to us. His duty is very hard. He goes to the post office in the morning. He sorts out the dak for the different areas. He goes from door to door to deliver letters, money orders and parcels.

He is not highly educated still he does his duty properly. He is a very honest man. Everyone awaits his arrival, though sometimes he brings sad news also. He is a low paid employee though he performs essential duties. We pay him some tips for bringing happy and good news.


TELEVISION, Television is one of the wonders of science. It is a source of joy and knowledge, Information and entertainment. Television is the product of the latest electronic revolution.

The names of John Baird of England and Jenkins of America are associated with Television. The first of all succeeded in transmitting moving pictures in 1923. It was in l1936, that a public Television System was introduced in London.

It started with black and white. Nowadays coloured Television is popular. It is a powerful audio-visual medium. It is seen in all towns and big cities. It has a status symbol also.

It is useful for the people. Its programmes cover a variety of interests. It has great educational value too. We learn a lot about the development of science, agriculture and medicine.

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