Qualities of Ideal Student

An ideal student has several qualities. He makes the best use of student life. His aim is not confined to studies and passing the examination only. For him, these things are not the be-all and end-all. Qualities of Ideal Student

He is polite to one and all. He cultivates good manners and habits. He is hardworking, honest, and sympathetic. An ideal student possesses a keen sense of duty and responsibility. He is regular and punctual. He is obedient to his teachers and elders. He is guided by them.

Essay on Ideal student

He is not wayward. He keeps himself off the bad company. He is laborious and for him, labor is a great virtue. Even genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.

An ideal student is peace-loving. He is free from the feeling of caste, creed, and communalism. He preaches love and unity. He aims at national prosperity. He is considerate and reasonable. He is a great lover of truth. He has a thirst for knowledge and learning.

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Dignity, discipline, self-control, constructive organization, and self-restraint are his watchwords. He is virtuous and mentally and bodily firm and strong. He is tolerant and free from prejudices.

Paragraph on Ideal Student

During his holidays and leisure hours, he educates his illiterate people. He thinks that it is his sacred duty to improve the social, cultural, and economic life of the country.

He is the champion of every human right. Nothing can disappoint him. He thinks, decides, and acts. He always tries to attain perfection in all walks of life. Such is an ideal student.

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