The Season I Like Most

The Season I Like Most, There are four seasons in our country-summer, rain, winter, and spring. The different seasons have their beauties and charms. Summer brings sweet mangoes, the rainy season gives life to the burning earth, and winter delights us. The Season I Like Most

Fach season is good in itself. Different people like different seasons. Everybody has his s and dislikes. Of all the seasons I like the spring season most. Spring is certainly the best season of the year.

Most of the people are found this season. It is the favorite season of poets. It is called the queen of seasons. Spring comes after the winter season. It begins from the middle of February and lasts till the middle of April. As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely.

The trees put forth new leaves. Nature looks charming. Many kinds of beautiful flowers bloom during this season. The lovely roses win our hearts. When we walk in a garden, we are enchanted by the dazzling colors of flowers.

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Spring is the season of beautiful flowers. Beers are very busy during this season. They move from one flower to another in search of honey. We see the beautiful butterflies flying about. They catch the fancy of children The Season I Like Most

The days of the spring season are very pleasant. Spring is neither hot nor cold. It is very delightful. It is good for health. Spring is the season of charming sounds. The bees humming in the garden fill our hearts with joy. The cuckoo is mad with joy.

Its sweet notes enchant us. In the early morning, we hear the birds twittering in trees. It is delightful to walk through the cornfields during spring. The green plants please the eyes. The yellow flowers of mustard flutter in the breeze.

The earth wears a green garment. Spring transforms it into a paradise. I like the spring season most because it offers great pleasures. The biting cold of winter makes me hate it.

I am afraid of the scorching sun of summer. I dislike mud and dust caused by the rains. It is the spring season that catches my fancy. It brings extraordinary beauties and charm So, it gives me great delight.

The beauties of spring make us forget our cares and sorrows. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we shall find lots of pleasant sights and melodious notes during spring The Season I Like Most.

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