Winter Season in India

Winter Season in India, The winter season comes after the rainy season. It beings from November and lasts till the end of January. It is a pleasant season. It is not as beautiful as the spring but it has its charms. Winter Season in India

When the winter season comes, we like to bask in the warm sunshine. The sunshine is pleasant. We sit in the sun for hours. We put on warm clothes to protect ourselves from the.

During winter, days are much shorter than nights. The days are very pleasant. Sometimes the nights are very cold, In the morning the earth is often covered with fog. At night we like to around the fireplace.

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Essay on Winter Season

We need quits and blankets. We like to sleep in a warm bed. We often catch a cold if we go out at night. The winter season has its beauties and charms. In the morning the dewdrops shine like pearls.

When we walk in a garden, we see many kinds of beautiful flowers. The winter flowers with their dazzling colors are very attractive. The rose, sunflower, marigold, dahlia, and other flowers present a beautiful sight.

We get different kinds of vegetables in the winter season. Usually, vegetables are very cheap in this season. Winter is the season of fruits. We get different kinds of fruits during this season.

Paddy is harvested in this season. The golden ears of paddy look beautiful. They please the farmers.HHarvesters are seen in the fields with their sickles. The winter season has several advantages. It gives us a lot of fruits and vegetables.

It is good for health. It is suitable for hard work. We do not get tired soon. Students like this season because they can work hard during this season. They play cricket, hockey, and badminton during this season.

The winter season improves our health. Our digestion improves during this season. We look energetic and smart this season. The winter evening is very pleasant. It is delightful to sit around the fire in the evening and chat with friends.

The winter season is very painful for the poor. The poor people do not have warm clothes. They shiver with cold at night. It is difficult for them to sleep at night.

Many people die from cold. It is difficult to go out at night. We often catch a cold during winter. Despite these disadvantages, the winter season in India is charming.

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