An Important Day In My life

Essay on An Important Day In My life Paragraph

An Important Day In My life Everybody has some important day in his life when he feels very happy and fortunate. The importance of a day depends on its fruitfulness for life.

If the day brings happiness in life, it is certainly an important day. In my life also a day came which brought me success in life. All my ambitions are related to this important day.

It was the day of my success at the M. A. examination in English. It opened the door to my success in life and the fulfillment of my dreams. That is why it is important for me.

If I had not passed this examination,-would not have fulfilled my ambitions of life. I had the great ambition of becoming a lecturer in English and going to England for further advancement in life.

Paragraph on Important Day In My life

I was born in a poor family. The ambition of going to England was like a dream for me because it required a lot of money for going abroad. A poor man could not think of going abroad, but I had this dream.

After passing the M. A. examination in English. I became a lecturer in English in a degree college. My income through this job was handsome. I started growing money for going abroad.

My dream of going abroad was fulfilled after a pretty long time. There were many handless financial and otherwise, but I overcame all the handles and the dream of my early age of by hard came true.

It was for me in the beginning when the idea of going abroad came into my mind.EEverybodyofuusersream and has some ambition them in her life.

But all are not successful in fulfilling their dreams. Their dreams remain dreams forever But in my care, I was very lucky to get the dream fulfilled. The day off may result from the M.A. examination was very very important for me.

Essay on An Important

I can nerve forget this day throughout my life. Another date or day was so important as this day. It changed the whole picture of my life. I got respect, prestige, money, and social recognition only because of this lucky and important day.

The day which brings happiness to life is important. In one’s life, there may be many days that can be regarded as important.

But of all the important days that day is most important which brings the highest degree of happiness. This highest degree of happiness was on that day when I passed my M. A. exam, in English with flying colors.

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