Women Empowerment in India

Essay on Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in India In India, an outlook on the improvement in the condition of women began with the efforts of Raja Ram Mohun Roy who fought not only a legal battle for abolition of sati but also started schools and colleges for women.

The work was taken up later by Panditishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Swami Vivekananda. The arrival of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian scene gave further impetus to the emergence of women as partners in the freedom struggle for which education came to be regarded as an essential tool.

There were already highly educated women from enlightened families at the forefront of the freedom struggle like Sarojini Naidu, Aruna Asaf Ali, Captain Lakshmi Sahgal.

Essay on Women Empowerment

But Gandhiji spoke fervently on the role of women folk from villages and small towns as well. The result was the launching of Vidyapeeth exclusively for girls all over the country.

After independence, the positive results of these efforts bore fruit. Women joined civil and medical services in large numbers They got jobs as school teachers and lecturers also.

Coeducational institutions not only reduced expenses on the education they broke barriers between boys and girls and allowed them to interact healthily.

Through education and employment were good tools of empowerment of women a lot more has been done by the central and state governments in recent years. There is now a reservation quota for women in educational institutions and government jobs.

In many states, there is a reservation for women in Panchayati raj institutions. Several women are MLAs and MPs. They have held every top constitutional post from PM to Speaker and also the President of India.

Much has been done for the uplift of Muslim women. States have provided them training in various skills and have given them jobs on a priority basis.

Steps have been taken to control foeticide and gender tests of embryos have been prohibited. The scene in India is now comparable to the West in many areas.

Girls have fast acquired a new vibrant style of living. In the coming years, we can hope for the uplift of women of the deprived classes and for a society in which women will have true equality with men in every sector.

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