Truth Alone Triumphs Aim of Your Life Winter Season

Truth Alone Triumphs Aim of Your Life Winter Season, A stitch in time saves nine, Don’t be wise after the event Importance of Games and Sports advantages of living in Town All 9 Paragraph in 150 words.


This saying emphasizes the value of truth in life. It is very difficult to follow the truth because the path of truth is full of difficulties. To be false is easier than to be true.

Most of us follow the easy path. It requires strength of character to follow the truth. To follow truth is painstaking. We are often beered by an instant gain in life.

We have no patience to see the result of truth. It requires perseverance. In the beginning, falsehood seems to be victorious, but this victory is short-lived. The ultimate victory lies with truth. Truth never fails. Falsehood succeeds only temporarily.


This proverb is a good lesson for us. It teaches us that we ought to save one and it must double one day. It is our folly to think that one has got no value before nine.

Unless we save one, we can’t get nine. What a fine instance was put up here. Our shirt is as it tom. We stitch if-then and there. We go on using it for some time.

If we don’t take any action, the worn shirt will tom to pieces very soon. Nothing is trifling. A piece of strand has got some value. It saves our life sometimes. Nothing should be allowed to be wasted. Take care of everything under your possession.


This saying deals with a situation where we learn only after the experience. Not all of us are wise people. A wise man is motivated by his wisdom.

He never errs. An ordinary man seldom takes wise decisions. People learn from experience. Experience is our teacher. It is not possible that everybody of us will be rise at all hours.

Though we all cannot be rise, we can take caution to avoid false steps. To be wise before the event is certainly better than to the wise after the event.


My life aims to become a professor, I want to study hard. I like to go to England or America for higher education. If I get a job there, I shall accept it.

I want to work hard and make a name in the world. But I do not want to live in a foreign country. I shall return to India. I like a peaceful and happy life. I want to love and educate my children.

I want to earn money. I want to spend some of it on poor people. If I have more and more money, I shall spend more and more on them. In the end, I want to serve the people and the nation. This is the aim of my life.


Winter is an important season. It starts in November and lasts up to February. Days are short and nights are long in this season.

The days of winter are very fine. We like to sit in the sun and warm our bodies. On the other hand, the nights are cold. We need warm clothes in this season. Water is a season of fruits and flowers.

We find many varieties of flowers in this season. This season is good for health but the poor do not like this season because many of them do not have proper clothes to fight cold.

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Games and sports are an important part of our life. They keep us healthy. They refresh our weary minds. They are useful both for our mind and body.

Physically we become healthy, mentally we become disciplined. They give us the courage and make us alert. They make us bold and confident. They develop in us a spirit of co-operation.

They teach us to fight in a healthy spirit. A sportsman fights with his rival in the playground. But he has no ill will against him. Thus games and sports help to make us good citizens.

Our education is incomplete without games and sports. The government of India is encouraging games and sports in educational institutions.


Town life may have many limitations but its advantages are also great. Modem facilities are within reach. Electricity, water, and transport are easily available.

Roads are better. Houses are made comfortable. All towns have schools and colleges. There are big hospitals. All kinds of things can be had. It is easier for people to earn a living.

Children have parks to play in. Students can go to good libraries. Clubs, playgrounds, etc. help young men in growing up well.

So they develop a modem outlook. Young men and women are smarter and bolder. Good doctors can be called, in case someone fell ill. In short, town life has both glamour and comfort.

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