Essay on The Value Of Book

Essay on The Value Of Book Full Essay

Essay on The Value Of Book, Books are not a mere luxury or a superfluity of civilization; they do what men of action cannot do. They are a compelling force to make humanity feel its oneness.

Folk-tale, folk-love, folk-songs have done as much formatting as the great religions or the great leaders of humanity. A book is the lifeblood of a man, preserved for a life beyond life, as Milton says.

To say that only noisily trumpeted men in history make civilization is an unpardonable blunder. Civilization is very largely made of anonymous forces. A book like the Gitanjali is not a political treatise.

The Value Of Book

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are not political treatises. Poetry, great fiction, painting, music and dance, architecture, and the little nameless unremembered acts are the best portions of a man’s life and not the noisier parts of life.

They do not celebrate such names as Gandhi and Lenin, Yet they are the breath of civilization. The world can do without great men but it cannot do without great books.

The great German thinker Geothe said that a word was a deed. The Sanskrit word mantra means a world-changing force. Bankim Chandra Chatterji’s poem entitled Bande Mataram has made history.

The Bible and the Holy Koran are nothing but books but they have made history. Books are not merely sheets of printed paper. The novels of Dickens, the books entitled ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, Marx’s ‘Capital’ and a hundred other books revolutionized human history.

Far more valuable and important are the other services rendered by books. The value and the joy of understanding, the richness of thought, the joy of knowledge, a heightened awareness of nature and life which books give cannot be given by any political leader.

The Value Of Book Paragraph

Books are not mere fashionable respectability, they are a force in life. But everything that is a force for good can become a force for evil.

All this emphatically does not mean that the state or the influential force in the state should control book-writing. Democracy means, above all things, faith and trust in the people. Let bad books be produced, let them have their day and cease to be.

Don’t interfere with them. In the long run, the common sense of the people will assert itself. Literary trash in abundance is produced every decade but the innate healthiness of the public taste lets it die.

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In the matter of books, time is the great arbiter. Books are as great a force in civilization as political leadership, political creeds, scientific and technological forces, or any other noise of the moment.

They are the persistent and the all-conquering forces of history. This is true even of those books which are aimless and purposeless. Life is not all Marxism and Leninism or Maoism.

Humanism is greater than communism. No single school of thought can give us the whole of humanism. Let a thousand flowers blossom and let there be a countless variety of books.

Marx and Lenin could give us much, and gave us much; they simply could not give us all the values of life. Essay on The Value Of Book,

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