The Bihar of My Dreams

The Bihar of My Dreams

The Bihar of my dreams, every man will have a high moral sense and a deep love for the state. Our state is backward in the field of science and industry.

I want Bihar to be a leading state in new technology our industries should grow fast. We should produce everything we need. The Bihar of my dream every man will get a job of his choice.

Education will get its due importance. Students will be devoted to their studies, politicians will not be allowed to misuse students. Today we find a gap between rich and poor.

Essay on Bihar of My Dreams

Then is corruption in all walks of life. The Bihar of my dream will have social justice. The gap between the rich and poor will be narrowed down. Everybody will get equal opportunity to be his best self.

There will be no shortage of anything. Then will be discipline, peace, and progress all around. Nationalism will overcome the feelings of casteism and regionalism.

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There will be an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood, and freedom all over the state. There will be ‘Ram Rajya’ in the true sense of the term. May God fulfill my dream.


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