Indias Cultural Diversity

Indias Cultural Diversity

Indias Cultural Diversity, India is a vast country. It is called the sub-continent. Here cultural diversity is found everywhere. People are coming close to one another.

But politicians are thinking that communal or cultural harmony will be a great danger for them. Communalism is the badge of a backward country, not of the modem as.

The cultural monster is a relic of our British connection. The Britishers nurtured the separatist forces of culturalism. Which eventually led to the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan.

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The major task before India was the emotional national integration of the country. The disruptive forces of culturalism could not be weeded out completely.

Sporadic communal violence become the future of our national life. Quite often communal and cultural roots flared up like wildfire and took an angry turn. Communal hatred has gripped people.

There is nothing but agony and trauma in the wake of cultural violence. Hindus and Muslims are intolerant of are another’s religion.

The social and cultural alienation between the two communities is widening. The question that crops up is this senseless can be prevented or not? Our political culture signifies power sans responsibility.

Indias Cultural Diversity in 200 word

There is a mushrooming of politicians and political parties in India. A country’s moral and social well-being is determined by its political and administrative conditions.

In India, politics has turned ugly and without ethical and moral considerations. In such a polluted political scenario the spurt of communal flare-up is unavoidable.

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