Essay on Price Rise

Essay on Price Rise, Although India has maintained its economic growth steadily common people are frequently by rising prices of oil, onions, tomato petrol, and diesel.

For a few weeks, sometimes for months, we hear nothing but of the agony of housewives or of salaried persons who are put to severe strain. Experts attribute price rise to many factors.

For instance, ease in fuel price is due to buoyancy in international prices. For vegetables and pulses, it is said that their yield in certain regions was affected due to drought, rains, or some plant disease.

Essay on Price Rise in English

Whatever the reason, it reflects badly on the government whose failure in controlling prices is quite evident. The problem is compounded due to the role of businessmen who sell commodities in the black market and create a man-made crisis.

It is also true that in today’s consumer society agriculture has taken a back seat. Farmers do not get their due either from the government or in the market. Their stress is accentuated by natural disasters.

And when a particular crop has failed its impact can be seen on the market as a whole. The worst sufferer is always the middle-class, particularly the salaried class. The dearness allowance that the government pays to its employees is not enough to meet their budget deficit.

Though it may be assumed that price rise affects the budget of the people only temporarily it has long-term effects also. Men and women who have to make adjustments in their budget all the year can hardly spend on health care and education of children.

They are forced to borrow money from banks for which they have to pay huge interest. it is therefore urgently needed that the government should take effective measures to control the prices of essential commodities.

300 Words Price Rises Essay

Without the stability of prices, all economic ambitions will remain only a dream and a substantial rise in the standard of living of the people will not be achieved. More importantly, the government needs to be sensitive to the plight of farmers.

Once their overall condition improves we can hope they would be able to stock their products in a better way to meet consumer requirements.

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