Essay on Prohibition in Bihar

Essay on Prohibition in Bihar

Essay on Prohibition in Bihar, Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s anti-liquor policy a few states in India had already passed laws against alcoholic drinks. Bihar is now one of those states where a strict prohibition law is in force.

It is the brainchild of Sri Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar. He has vigorously campaigned against drinking habits and has sensitized the masses, especially the rural folk, against the evils of drinking.

It is a well-known medical fact that drinking wine is injurious to health. In the beginning, a man starts drinking merely by imitation or at the request of friends. Very soon he finds that he is hooked to it and cannot get rid of the habit.

Prohibition of Bihar

What begins as a source of pleasure traps him in a vicious grip. It not only ruins his physical and mental health; it ruins his finances and his family. The rural folk has been the worst victims of alcohol.

Several laborers spend their hard-earned income on large quantities of alcohol which they think provides them energy. But this so-called stimulation is short-lived. They end up as patients of liver cirrhosis and also of paralysis and cancer.

The state of Bihar has done great work in the field of social reform by implementing prohibition. Anybody who is found consuming liquor is immediately sent to prison. The police personnel has been equipped with breathalyzers that can detect alcohol consumption.

Prohibition of Bihar Analysis

Even the big officials who were caught in an inebriated state have been arrested and legal action has been taken against them. The strictness of the law has worked. It has created real fear. Liquor shops are closed., alcoholic drinks have simply disappeared from Bihar.

Tremendous support has come to this policy of prohibition from all classes of citizens. Women have particularly endorsed the policy wholeheartedly.

The positive economic effects are visible now people who spent a major part of their income on wine now take care of the education of their wards. Alcoholic men used to indulge in domestic violence also.

This has also stopped. There is peace in homes, an atmosphere of well-being. Road rages and other crimes have also declined. We hope that prohibition will bring about a big change in Bihar.

Our state will move rapidly towards progress, our social ills will be removed, and our men and women will be able to lead dignified lives.

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