Strength of Character Essay

Strength of Character Essay, Character is a very important thing in life. It does not mean that we should be Brahmchari. Character is a kind of quality of the mind. It involves a sense of duty.

We must be dutiful to ourselves and others. Our sense of duty should be the guiding principle in our life. It is said-when money is lost, nothing is lost.

If wealth is lost, we can get it back again if our luck favors. If health is lost, something is lost. We can region health if it is not seriously affected. When a character is lost, all is lost.

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We fall in the eyes of everybody. We cannot – regain the lost name and fame. Therefore we lost everything if we lost our character. Character involves a sense of responsibility.

Paragraph Strength of Character

We do, we must perform our duty honestly and we must feel responsibility for what we do. To be regular and punctual in our work makes us dutiful. If we are dutiful, we are men of character.

If our sense of duty is lost, it means our character is gone. We become ill-reputed and hateful. If our character is well, our personality becomes stronger in ety.

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Based on the character, we may gain any important past in our society and government. It will not be wrong to say that character makes a man mightier and perfect in their society and offices.

In those days character certificates is demanded while we go to take admission in school, colleges, and private institutions.

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