On habits by AG Gardiner

On Habits by AG Gardiner, Among the personal essayists, A. G. Gardiner has turned his attention to those affairs of human conduct that require careful attention. They are important in dealing with others and they have a serious bearing on our capabilities and performance as social beings.

Accordingly, there is a serious undertone of his essays-humorous once dotes apart, they are full of critical scrutiny expressed in an epigrammatic style. This has widened the scope of personal essays.

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On habits essay by AG Gardiner summary

In the hands of A. G. Gardiner, a personal essay is not a brief delightful tour it can be a guided expedition of educational value. On Habits is, of course, a delightful composition.

Beginning in an essay fashion with the tremendous role the habits exercise on a man’s life. A.G Gardiner tries to familiarise his readers, especially young readers, with the need of cultivating such habits that help them properly discharge their duties.

The general impression about the habits that they are generally restrictive and expressive of peculiarities of an individual is not wholly correct. Well-formed habits regulate the daily of a person.

On habits essay

Without them, every one of us would have to waste a lot of time in taking decisions about small things. From morning to night, we perform several daily chores almost mechanically, and without waste of time.

It is possible because of the force of habits our way of doing things at the right time in a particular manner. Habits are thus conducive to felicity. They help us accomplish even our serious tasks with ease and comfort.

Indeed, we generally cultivate such habits with which we are comfortable. It is rather our comfort that we care for when we pick up a habit like reading at night in bed; writing at a desk, and taking a cup of coffee in the evening.

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But this comfort adds to Our efficiency habits are not merely idiosyncratic. They are essential tools that enable us to function properly. In addition, a man can give up bad habits and cultivate new good habits.

With a little exercise of will, a man can rid himself of bad habits and start afresh. When observing how a bad habit of ours is causing us embarrassment and loss we can cultivate the right kind of habits, A writer on personality development remarks that habits are formed by regular repetition of a particular activity.

A.G. Gardiner summary

To switch over to a new good habit what is required to perform the connected activity over a length of time in a regular fashion?

 on Habits by ag Gardiner
On Habits by ag Gardiner

While the author establishes his point very clearly and forcefully it is remarkable how he keeps his tone free from scholarly pretensions. He observes every norm of a personal essayist, but he uses it also as a vehicle for discussing important issues. WIKI

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