Taking pride in ones Work

Taking pride in ones Work, A man without aim is no man. He can not attain success in life. Every man just has some definite aim in life. But all our desires cannot be fulfilled in life.

There are many problems in life too. But a man should not be disappointed. They should try hard to succeed. He must have hope and confidence. Mahatma Gandhi was a very simple man.

But he had a great strength of confidence. He led India free from the British. He got the pride of his confidence. He is called the father of the nation. I do not know what will happen to me.

Essay on Taking pride in ones Work

But I want to do some such work which will be a symbol for society. Only then do I know what man life is. To serve ety is a great service to God. My service has no profit motive.

I had the people and save them from exploitation. I labor for the people and save them from the political traps. I will break their illusion and explode their superstitions.

Once they are disillusioned they shall not do anything, the society is for the nation. Only then do I understand and feel the taking pride in my work.

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