The Innocence of Childhood

The Innocence of Childhood

The Innocence of Childhood, Childhood is the happiest period in the life of a man. A child is free from care and fears. He is so innocent that he is not aware of the vices of worldly life. He often lives in dreamland.

How happy I am when I look back to the days of my childhood. Some memories of my childhood are still fresh in my mind. Some of them are very sweet, but a few memories of my childhood are also painful.

During my childhood, I delighted in kites. I do not know why kite-flying had such a fascination form. Whenever I got some money from my father, I bought kites. Sometimes my scolded me for flying kites, but I turned a deaf ear to her.

The Innocence of Childhood Paragraph

As I was the youngest child in the house, I was loved by everyone. My father was very fond of me. Whenever I asked him to buy anything, he fulfilled my desire at once.

Though he loved me deeply, I cannot forget how he once gave me a serve punishment. One day his costly pen caught my fancy. While I was trying to write something with it, the pen was broken.

When my father saw this, he flew into a rage and slapped me so violently that I fell. I still remember how I sobbed and cried on the lap of my mother for hours. Inside of such painful incidents, my childhood was very happy.

I had no cares and fears. All my playmates were my friends. All the members of my family loved me. When my mother fondled me, I thought that I was a prince. The memory of my school days is still fresh in my mind.

Essay on The Innocence of Childhood

My friends loved and admired me. I never quarreled with any boy. I always paid target attention to my studies. I was never punished by my teacher.

Now the happy days of childhood are gone, but the memories of childhood are still fresh in my mind. When I recollect the days of childhood, I am lost in a world of dreams. I wish I were a child again.

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