Essay on A Book Fair

A Book Fair A Book Fair, Books are the treasure house of knowledge. Books are our real companions. A book has a great power to shape our lives. Good books prove useful and provide guidance. Books enable us to cultivate our mind and they broaden our outlook. Reading also provides an intellectual feast of knowledge

Essay on Computers in Everyday Life 300 Words

Computers in Everyday Life Computers in Everyday Life, Modern science has given us many wonderful gifts. These have helped us to advance rapidly on several fronts, These have almost revolutionised human day to day life. Consequently, life has become more efficient easy, convenient fast and comfortable, The invention of the computer and its further development

Essay on Television as Entertainment in 300 words

Television as Entertainment Television as Entertainment, Television is one of the most fascinating inventions of Science. Wiréless and radio were considered some of the greatest marvels of science. Television was invented by John L. Baird of London in 1925. Now, the television is in a very improved form. People were thrilled to hear the voice

Essay on My Favourite Book 250 words

Essay on My Favourite Book Essay on My Favourite Book, I have recently read a book that is, Bhagwat Gita. I like Bhagwat Gita very much. The Bhagwat Gita is the holy book of the Hindus. It is said that Lord Krishna himself gave out the whole story. A great battle was fought at Kurukshetra.

Essay on Indias Cultural Diversity in 200 words

Indias Cultural Diversity Indias Cultural Diversity Indias Cultural Diversity, India is a vast country. It is called the sub-continent. Here cultural diversity is found everywhere. People are coming close to one another. But politicians are thinking that communal or cultural harmony will be a great danger for them. Communalism is the badge of a backward
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